Fife Council, Fife Sports and Leisure Trust, and Schools

To make the process simpler we have created flowcharts depending on where you are installing the defibrillator. If you are installing the equipment on a Fife Council Building, Fife Sport and Leisure Trust or School please follow the flow chart which can be found in WORD format with all the additional notes and links here:- Flow Chart – Fife Council Building incl Schools

 NOTES:- (Property Services will incur a charge) Sandy White will arrange for a site visit to look at the best place for an electrical supply. Once a Works Order form is completed and sent to Property Services they will then raise a line to go back out and install the electrics whilst at the same time commissioning Building Services to install the de-fib.
Ref 1:-School Estate Consent Form: – Please email for a form
Ref 2:-Defib School Checklist:- Checklist can be obtained from ECS Directorate Operations Team on ext 444160
Ref 3:-Registration with the Scottish Ambulance Service (SAS) If the defibrillator is a Public Access Defibrillator then please register it at

If you are installing a defibrillator on any other type of building such as a shop, private building etc then please follow the link to the WORD format with all the additional notes and links here:-Flow Chart – Private Buildings